June 8, 2023



Oranjestad, Aruba


Last week Mr. Esmond Jones, from the IbiSa Sport Center and a Freewinds representative worked alongside to get The Way to Happiness booklets out to all the kids attending the Summer Camp. The IbiSa Sport Center has been partnering with the Freewinds for the last couple of years getting many projects executed in the island of Aruba and this is just one more of their community projects making sure the youth in Aruba can have a better future.


In today’s challenging world our youth struggles with life, sometimes being subjected to bullying at school or upsets at home, making it hard to find their own way to happiness, so this is why IbiSa and the Freewinds make an effort to give these kids valuable information and knowledge they can easily understand and put to use immediately to create a better life for themselves, their families and their friends.


As the kids leafed through the booklets their smiles spread and their eagerness to learn more was contagious.  They were all given a copy and some of them took more than one to bring home.


Mr. Esmond Jones knows the value of these booklets because they not only help the kids but also their parents and the community at large, which he expressed in his mesage: “It was really nice for the Freewinds to come to us and give the kids the booklets. The kids were happy and took the booklets home to their parents. That was pretty good! I like very much the system that you have, whereby you partner with IbiSa Sport Center to improve our community”

Mr. Jones further stated about The Way To Happiness booklet: “You did several things for us in the past, you helped us in sanitizing the Sport Center so it could be available for the kids during Covid and now you are helping to give out this booklet. I have a copy of the booklet as well. It is a positive message for me and for the kids! Thank you very much for coming!”

The Freewinds is always happy to assist the community in Aruba and the Islands it visits throughout the Caribbean. If you’d like your personal copy of The Way to Happiness, contact us at portcaptain@freewinds.org to organize a pick up or delivery of your personal copy. 



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